Circumplast 12mm (1.4cm)
Size: 1.4cm
Code: CP12
PIP Code: N.A.
Pack Qty: 25
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Circumplast® is a sterile single-use circumcision device that is supplied with a ligature. 

"Circumplast is FDA approved and CE certified"

The medical professional conducting the circumcision may modify the method based on personal preferences.

The circumcision procedure is outlined below:
  • Mark the level at which the circumcision is to occur. A local anaesthetic may be used at this time.

  • Gently separate the foreskin from the glans

  • Ligate or electrocoagulate the frenulum vessels to avoid bleeding if desired. Retract the foreskin with the frenulum proximally to reveal the glans and allow enough space for the device to be inserted properly.

  • Make a dorsal slit long enough to ensure that the Circumplast® device can be inserted (Figure 1)

  • Insert the Circumplast® device until the coronal sulcus has been reached. Fix the foreskin to the distal edge of the Circumplast® device with forceps (Figure 2).

  • Secure the ligature found in the Circumplast® packaging at the location of the mark made earlier. Break the Circumplast® handle off once the ligature has been secured tightly (Figure 3).

  • Excess foreskin should be cut and electrocoagulated (Figure 4). The device will fall off naturally after several days.

The animations below provide a general overview of the procedure when conducting a circumcision using Circumplast®: